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No, not the Rockettes.

Stickettes - fans of Miinty Sticks art!
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Welcome to the fan community for miinty_sticks art by miints! Feel free to post any icons or graphics you've created using miinty_sticks art right here.

1. No flaming! Flamers will be booted by your friendly mods :D
2. Keep discussions on topic of miinty_sticks art please.
3. No pimping of anything other than miinty_sticks specific things. There are so many new comms popping up every day that pimping would just clog people's flists. There are other ways on LJ to promote your comm.
4. When making icons and graphics, please ask all users to credit miints as the artist.
5. Please enjoy! The Sticks are all about love

Your friendly mods are charlotteschaos, digitaljazz, goldie and ulqui. Hi!

The following are affiliated with miinty_sticks and stickettes! Go visit and enjoy:

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All art on stickettes is © by miints and is used at her discretion. Layout and graphics all by goldie.

miinty_sticks mood theme was made by preachelectric and can be found in this community.

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